Posted by daveyandersen1
Mar 16, 2021

wizards craps game

Im new to this blog. just wondering if anyone notices that the wizards craps game seems to 7out very fast...Is it just me ??? im an avid player in real life so I know all about randomness...


Mission146 Mar 19, 2021

I played for a bit and it seemed fine to me. I was using a goofy negative progression system and stopped with a balance of $14,970 betting PL + Odds exclusively. My final bet lost $24,000 total and the progression could no longer continue due to table limits.

I had a balance of nearly $60,000 going into that last progression attempt, so that shows you how quickly and massively those can fail!

pwcrabb Mar 25, 2021

I use the craps game very frequently. The distribution of short, expected length,, and very lengthy sevens seems to mirror the math. On multiple occasions I have observed sevens which required 30 or more rolls to appear.

A sample size of 3600 rolls would minimally support any analysis of distribution. How large was your own sample?

daveyandersen1 Mar 29, 2021

I never kept any data or records ..I'm just relaying what I felt was [or does] happen..I play it frequently.. So I guess my perspective is not scientific... The game is fun alot of the time I play it..But sometimes it Frustrates me..I;m probably experiencing distribution variation at it;s finest