Posted by cwwbjr
Jul 09, 2020

Wiz bac game fair?

How do I know your Baccarat practice game is provably fair?
I use both your 250K simulated baccarat shoes and the practice game to test playways and I want to be confident of fairness.

Your challenge states building your bankroll to allow placing $25k bets.

You also state that you/we don't believe in Luck, yet there's 100% consensus on this forum from the math guys
that winning is all luck and the -EV game can't be beaten in the long run.

Many have claimed that RNG online games are rigged to capture larger bets in real money mode.

Some players suspect the practice for fun games are rigged to allow the player to win in hopes of luring them into the play for real money game.
This would benefit both the online casino driving traffic to their website and the recipient of the pay per click advertising host site.

Could you please comment on these concerns?


FleaStiff Jul 10, 2020

I am confident your time is more valuable than you seem to think it is.

cwwbjr Jul 10, 2020

Thanks for the reply.

I'm not surprised that someone would have confidence in their own assumptions, but

I am looking for knowledgeable, experienced, professional players, programmers or Wizard who can comment on the concerns I posted.

If there's no one that fits that criteria or no one cares, so be it!

odiousgambit Jul 12, 2020

none of the Wizard's games are for real money, so it is not a case of a practice game being rigged in order to lure you in to using real money

He has replied in the past that he uses a RNG generator that is very reliably fair on all his games.

Lastly, you have asked your question in a blog post, which is not for asking questions, and not seen by everybody. Use the forum for your question.

odiousgambit Jul 12, 2020

I reread your post and you mention the challenge, and yes that is about money

If you come up with the money, the Wizard would be able to prove it is a fair game to the satisfaction of an impartial third party, of that I am confident.

Wizard Jul 17, 2020

I agree with everything odiousgambit wrote. Why would I bother to cheat in a free game?

If you have any evidence my game isn't fair, then let's see it.