Posted by conchyjew
Apr 10, 2017

One Card 21

I came across this game on one of the cruise ships:

Game Rules
Players must make two identical independent wagers, one on a spot depicting a King and the other on a spot depicting an Ace. Players receive one card face up, forming a hand with a value between 12 and 21 (the Ace counts as 11 for the King wager and as 1 for the Ace wager in order to give the player the best score not exceeding 21). The dealer then starts and completes a Blackjack hand, stopping when he reaches at least "hard 17" (Dealer hits soft 17). The player's totals are compared with the dealer's total and paid as follows:
Player wins bets where his score is greater than Dealer's score
Player loses bets where scores are tied, or where Dealer's score is greater than Player's score without exceeding 21
If Dealer "busts" with 22, 23, 24, 25, or 26, Player wins all bets.

What is the house advantage on this game?

Posted by conchyjew
Jul 23, 2015

21+3 side bet

What would be the house advantage on 21+3, 8 decks, with the following pay scale:

Straight Flush 20 -1
3 of a kind 15 -1
Straight 10-1
Flush 5-1

Thank you.


rdw4potus Jul 23, 2015

18.083% - OUCH!!

rdw4potus Jul 23, 2015

I guess that's actually for 4 decks. 8 decks is ~2% better than that. Still, ouch.

conchyjew Jul 24, 2015

Thanks for the info, appreciate it.

BlueEagle Jul 31, 2015

Here's the Wizard's analysis of the 21+3 sidebet: