Posted by chasame
Feb 10, 2014

Silver Oak online casino won't pay, giving different information, deleting account history

I played slots online January 15th for the first time with Silver Oak. I contacted my credit card company before hand to let them know the card would be used overseas and they noted that and said it was okay. I deposited $200 (two separate $100 deposits) with my Visa credit card and it was accepted. I hit a jackpot for about 37,000. I was told to send in verifying information to withdraw. On January 28th, I saw 2 debits of $100. I called and was told that my credit card was not accepted and that when that happens, the casino will just take it from the winnings (that was the two $100 debits I saw deducted from my winnings). I called a few days later and asked about my withdraws and was told my winnings were voided because my credit card didn't go through and to ask my credit card company why. I asked my credit card company and they told me on 3 different occasions that Silver Oak's 3rd party processors declined the charge. I told Silver Oak and they have no explanation for any of this. They just blow me off. There are 2 people who work in their deposit department and on one day, a lady named Evelyn told me they will take it out my winnings. The next time I talked to her, she said I couldn't withdraw, my winnings were voided out of my account. There are no records of any account history when I log in. She said that it was accepted initially because it was in a large pool of payments needing to be verified but was not final. I believe they use the 3rd party processors as an excuse not to pay especially when people win high amounts or they may just be completely fraudulent. They operate overseas and that way they aren't regulated by U.S. laws. They say whatever and do whatever they feel. They do not abide by their own terms and rules. They obviously do not accept Visa in my instance (hmmmmm)! Please everyone, stay away!


odiousgambit Feb 10, 2014

You were gambling and they weren't.

Buzzard Feb 11, 2014

Anybody else not surprised how this would end, after reading " I HIT A JACKPOT FOR ABOUT 37.000. ?

strictlyAP Feb 14, 2014

one hundred percent knew where that was going