Posted by austinmanderson
Feb 20, 2017

card counting

i have mastered card counting. i make the most when i bet

1 0 or less
5 +1
10 +2
15 +3


1. Is this too obvious for casinos?
2. Will casinos really kick you out if they know you count? If so, when should I leave to avoid being kicked out?
3. With new facial recognition technology, will I be able to go to other casinos if I am caught at one?


Zcore13 Feb 20, 2017

That is way too aggressive and you are not going to last long at any casino. You might as well put a sign onaround your neck saying I'm a new card counter. 15 unit spread is crazy.

LostWages Feb 21, 2017

Welcome, Austin!

I noticed you've only recently joined the WoO Forum this past Valentine's Day!

With regards your question, I don't have that much experience playing blackjack,

I would recommend you read through 3 articles posted by Romes:

And to top that, if you're trying to get feedback from other forum posters, you'll get a LOT more replies by posting a THREAD vice a BLOG (blog readership is much, much lower than THREADS).

I might venture a reply to your question when I get more experience.

Before you stop the presses and post a THREAD (to get more feedback), your experienced fellow blackjack players can give you much, much more detailed feedback if you provide them with the following information:

1. Session bankroll

2. Spread (you can still use the one you "blogged")

3. Specify flavor of blackjack: 1D, 2DD, 6DD and the payout 3:2? 6:5? (oh no!). Hopefully, they are not CSM tables (counting is relatively useless).

4. What is your EV?

5. What is the PEN at the table(s) you are playing?

Wish I had the experience to guide you better, but I don't. The 5 questions I listed are what you'll come across time and again in the 3 articles of Romes.

And don't forget VARIANCE. You could play perfect strategy, and be the supreme card-counter, but there are those times when the dealer seems to get all the blackjacks, or squeezes ahead of your count by 1 measly point.

Good luck!