Posted by AceHigh
Feb 13, 2024

Pai gow misdeal help

faceup pai gow.

dealer sets all seven spots. four cards set back in shuffler.
dealer opens and sets a full house.
three jacks, king, 2
pair of 4s on top.
dealer takes king and 2 cards and places them in shuffler with the discarded cards.

most of the spots folded their hands. dealer has now taken dealers two cards (k,2) and other spots cards and places them in shuffler.

dealer recognizes that dealer has
2 cards on top
3 cards on bottom.
(missing 2 cards)
** 44
** JJJ

calls floor, floor calls pit.

pit has security review cards, pit has dealer remove king and 2 from discarded pile, and place them back into play.

I protest that it's a misdeal.
or a loss for dealer who does not have 5 cards on high hand..
and that dealer folded those cards.

boss says no. pulls cards from shuffler to continue hand.

if a player does not set their hands right, we are not allowed to reset.
if a player folds cards and they are picked up, we cannot ask to remove them from the shuffler. let alone to unfold the hand.

my hand lost $300 plus $30 bonus.
does house owe me $300 or even $600 as a win?
thoughts? previous experience?
stated rules anywhere online?


Zcore13 Feb 13, 2024

I would do the same thing as a Suprrvisor. Dealer is not allowed to foul or mis-set. The dealer hand gets corrected and everything plays out like normal.

SOOPOO Feb 13, 2024

I agree with ZCore. The way I understand it, if at any time the dealer sets his hand any way that is not Ďthe house wayí and it is discovered the dealerís hand is reset to house way. Iíve lost count of how many times Iíve noticed a dealer set not according to their house ways, and if itís to my advantage, Iíll alert the dealer and if necessary the pit boss.

AceHigh Feb 13, 2024

even if the cards were thrown into the shuffler.... interesting.

Zcore13 Feb 14, 2024

I would call Surveilance to recreate the hand before calling a misdeal. Doesn't even matter what the cards are or what players have. The house hand must be set correctly.

AceHigh Feb 14, 2024

what would you do if you didn't have surveillance?

Zcore13 Feb 14, 2024

No such thing in a casino.

Deucekies Feb 25, 2024

The only way that would ever be a misdeal would be if any or all of the dealer's hand was unrevealed before being put in the muck. In that case, surveillance would not be able to confirm the cards.

Morstana Mar 19, 2024

What a situation! I would also be upset if I lost money because of such a mix-up. I think if the dealer made a mistake, then it should have been an invalid hand. But apparently, every casino has its own rules. I don't know how it is everywhere, but it seems to me that the rules should be clear to the players. In any case, I will remember this case