Posted by aadarsh
Jun 14, 2010

Blackjack player advantage if card is marked

Hello everybody,

What will be the player advantage if all 10 and Ace is marked in the game of blackjack? rules are S17, DAS, no surrender, no multiple draw on Ace split, 4 decks, BJ pay 3:2 ??



rdw4potus Jun 14, 2010

I've spent a total of about 5 minutes looking at this, so my numbers are *very* rough. If only 1 mark is used and you are NOT the first player at the table, the advantage is about 25%. If 2 marks are used (one for 10/face, another for A)the advantage is about 35%. Being the first player at the table and raising your bet when you can tell that the next card is an ace or 10/face greatly increases your advantage. This increase will vary based on your bet spread. On a table with a 40x spread in the limits (like a $5 to $200 table), the advantage for the first player is about 15% higher than for the rest of the table.

rdw4potus Jun 14, 2010

Oh christ...I just realized that I multiplied incorrectly in that analysis. All of the advantages I listed should be divided by 2.