Posted by LoveMeDo
Sep 25, 2014

indian casinos

How safe is it to play at indian casinos and are they regulated as strictly as LV and AC casinos?


MrV Sep 25, 2014

Neither safe nor well-regulated.

Sovereign nations, baby: like internet gambling, but with fry bread.

FleaStiff Sep 25, 2014

The regulation varies but is often some form of self regulation.

Tribal land, tribal police, tribal jails, tribal courts and tribal lawyers.

Tribe often reports to itself, so no way to audit slots. Just have to assume that the worst legally available chip in Vegas is what is in the machine on tribal land.

odiousgambit Sep 26, 2014

oh yes, I still notice when a new member posts nothing but a blog post, asking a question.

Will the new owners please spend the money to disallow immediate blogging by new members!

Sonuvabish Nov 04, 2014

generally, no less safe than anywhere else...everyone is so down on Indian casinos.