Posted by JohnnyQ
Sep 20, 2012

Article on Sky Combat Ace in Henderson

The Wiz graciously put my article on this site.

Check it out, and let me know what you think.


dwheatley Sep 20, 2012

Coooool. I'm not convinced I would want to be in a stalled airplane, intentionally or not. But... coooool

FleaStiff Sep 21, 2012

Aerial combat is dangerous. So is mock aerial combat.

If its just ONE plane doing aerobatic flight then you are much safer.

Hammerhead stalls means you climb vertically until the entire weight of the aircraft is on the proproller's lug nut. This makes maintenance a major issue.

Stalls are practiced by student pilots but aerobatic maneuvers are not.

It sounds like a fun experience but I'll do my rolls at the craps table, not an airplane.

JohnnyQ Sep 21, 2012

They do have a mock aerial combat option,

but I went for the acrobatics instead.

The plane is designed for acrobatics, and

although I'm not an expert, I concluded it was

a very very very safe activity based on the

google searches I had done.

Risk free ? No, I'm sure it wasn't 100.00 %

risk free. I do know that for me it was a

really cool and fun experience and I'm glad

I did it.

Along a separate line of thinking, that does

bring up an interesting idea - - - what is the

"riskiest" thing we do in our lives ?

Driving a car to work ?

Not exercising regularly ?

Mowing the portion of my yard that is on

a slight hill ?

Eating at the Imperial Palace buffet ? ( I have

only done that once though ).

Mosca Sep 21, 2012

I did a couple flights at Warbird Adventures in Kissimmee; T-6 Texans, WW2 vintage. It was awesome.

About 6 months later, one of them crashed, killing the pilot and the client, a 42 year old man whose wife had bought the flight for him for his birthday; she and their daughter were watching. Since then I haven't gone up again. Twice was enough. Nothing in this world is risk free, of course, but I'm not in the position any more where I can taunt fate.

RogerKint Sep 22, 2012

Always enjoy your posts and the same goes for this article. Deathly afraid of heights = trench boy :( Had two near death experiences: one was surfing on a really big day; second was hours after the IP buffet...just don't do it.

Posted by JohnnyQ
Aug 04, 2011

Review of the Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay

OK, so what do I know about Gospel music ?

I guess not that much, really.

But if you were a huge Gospel fan, you probably would have already gone to see the
House of Blues Gospel Brunch at the Mandalay Bay casino.

So this review is for the rest of us.

The ticket price is $ 42 including tax. ( Disclosure: I finagled a free ticket from an i
nternet site ). The $ 42 includes brunch and approx a 45 minute gospel music show.

I arrived a little early, parked the rental car up in the self park garage, and then
strolled around the casino a bit. I had been there before, but on a Sunday morning
I was struck by how open the lay-out was, with lots of room and machines spaced
out nicely.

I would venture an educated guess that this casino has the least amount of machines
per square foot of floor space anywhere in LV, which I liked. Now, if they would just
get some better paytables for VP in there. But I digress.

When: Sunday’s at 10:00 and 1:00
Visited: July 24, 2011
Where: House of Blues in Mandalay Bay.

There was a short line to get in at 10:00, so I milled about and got right in about
10:15. I was seated with a couple of 20-somethings from Florida, up close to the
stage and just off to the right side. The venue is smaller than I had imagined, and
I don’t think any seat was more than about 50 feet from the stage.

I figured the brunch would be an upscale spread, if the ticket price was split about
50/50 between the food and the entertainment. Well, brunch wasn’t quite up to that
price level. There was typical breakfast fare, eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, and
French Toast.

They also had fried chicken. Ho-Hum.

The fresh fruit and the dessert selections were pretty good.

So, don’t go expecting a gourmet brunch. But you won’t leave hungry, either.
The servers were quick and pleasant.

Now the show. If Gospel music is your thing, then by all means go. The 4 singers
and about that many additional musicians all were very talented. I ran into some
folks who I saw groovin’ and clappin’ during the show afterwards in the elevator,
and they said they really enjoyed it and would recommend it.

But if you’ve only heard of Gospel music and aren’t a huge fan, I think you can find
something better to spend your $ 42 on. I did like their rendition of the one song
they did that departed from the gospel format, the Black Eyed Peas “I gotta a Feeling
( that tonight’s gonna be a good night)”,


Improve the Buffet quality one notch.

Add in another pop song.


gambler Aug 05, 2011

Great review! I stay at the Mandalay Bay often, and would consider seeing the show/brunch after reading this.

odiousgambit Aug 05, 2011

There is Af/Am Gospel Music, Bluegrass Gospel Music, and Southern Gospel Music. If you like one kind it doesnt mean you like the other necessarily.

I assume this is the Af/A variety ?

JohnnyQ Aug 06, 2011

Hey, you're going to put my ignorance on display for all to see !

The website refers to a southern style brunch.

Several of the songs I think were church style hymns.

To me it was just gospel music.