Posted by ID4AP
Jun 24, 2014

Basic Contact Info

Hi Folks:

Just for general info, I'm posting this here as another backup reference source.

Our usual contact e-mail address is :: id4ap @

Additional info, updated/backup e-mails, etc will be maintained at ::



odiousgambit Jun 24, 2014

If this site did not allow a new member to make blog posts, or some similar solution, then I would make an additional donation.

Yes, I am guilty of offering a bribe.

ID4AP Jun 24, 2014

LOL sorry u feel that way gambit, but it is what it is so to each his own, huh?

If ur not interested in what we do who is to say it's not valuable or useful to other people?

Why do u feel the right to restrict information access to others? Who died an made U da king? LOL

ten2win Jun 24, 2014


kmumf Jun 24, 2014

Who falls for this crap?

ID4AP Jun 24, 2014

Um, how is it spam when it's just info about me on my own blog page here?

That's the whole point of a blog, Wiz provides a place to put your own info! LOL

Both you guys had to go way outta your way to seek out, find and then click on my blog to read it then make your comments.

If anyone's engaging in spammy behavoir, it ain't me LOL

If ya dont like my wordpress, uh how about don't click it!

Otherwise mind your own business, right? LOL

odiousgambit Jun 24, 2014

>who is to say it's not valuable or useful to other people?

Longstanding irritation at newbies who blog inappropriately, my man. At least you came back to examine your handiwork, most don't. You should know, however, like most figure out this a lousy site for prospects.

1BB Jun 24, 2014

I love what you put in your profile for favorite casino. Stick around and join some threads.

ID4AP Jun 24, 2014

Ok gambit fair enough I guess. But, whateva LOL didn't mean to offend.

Anyway info isn't here for 'prospects' -- ima not really lookin for that (ppl interested in what we do, know already, or get referral).

Info is only here for backup in case gotta move later, so folks stay in touch easier etc. That's all, no prospecting LOL

Those who know to appreciate value of what we do (and how to exploit, correctly) they know the score but it aint for everyone.

So BB thanks for nice note but I prob won't be on forum much. Not really my thang, but thanks just the same.

djatc Jun 25, 2014

You're missing a craps system to be taken seriously around here.