Posted by Croupier
May 05, 2014

Hello Again...


Its good to be back.

I have been away for a while due to personal issues. I have been struggling with depression for quite a while.

I am now however fully medicated and getting back to some semblance of normality.

So now you know why I just disappeared.



FleaStiff May 05, 2014

Welcome back. The best antidepressant is to have a winning craps session.

Buzzard May 05, 2014

My wife Josie has battled depression for almost 40 years. First reared it's ugly head at age 34. Toughest call I ever had to make in my life was ECT for her Shock treatment. They give up after 10 treatments. She came back to me after 8.

2 other hospitalizations since then. Pills work until they don't.

HANG IN THERE. You can beat this game.

Wizard May 05, 2014

Welcome back!

midwestgb May 07, 2014

Glad to have you back. My Mom battled depression for several decades; eventually, she won the battle. She is now an amazingly healthy, feisty gal about to turn 88 this month.

odiousgambit May 09, 2014

good to see you back

Posted by Croupier
Jun 11, 2011

A Good Day

Spent a bit of time yesterday at the Tropicana, signed up for a players card. They are offering a rebate promo at the minute that refunds net losses for new signups. It didnt really interest me as I dont spend enough. Wouldnt have been any good anyway as we walked out around even. Won enough to cover the cost of the starbucks coffee anyhow.

I did however get a $10 even money matchplay from swiping my card at the kiosk. Bet red on roulette, and won. $5 tip for the dealer, $5 to start my chip collection, and double money. My wife did the same and also won.

We also hit for $125 bucks on the Super Slingo machine at the MGM, so basically had a free day.

All our profits were splurged at Embers Stakehouse at the IP as we treated ourselves. Had a great meal, and didnt spend a penny all day. I call that a result.

Of to meet Doc for Dinner later at Canalettos at the Venetian, in a pre WoVCon meet.



DJTeddyBear Jun 12, 2011

>> . . . Had a great meal, and didnt spend a penny all day. I call that a result.

I'd call that a "win" !

Posted by Croupier
Jun 09, 2011

Im here...

Yup, Im here, and after a few drinks last night and about 12 hours sleep im up and at em'

For those of you that asked, Im staying at the Imperial Palace this time. Today has been mostly walking around, having a few drinks, messing around on the slots and updating player cards.

And DJ - they have no slots in arrivals at Terminal 2. They do in departures, but thats another story.

Will probably check in again tomorrow when I am a bit more together.

Peace - Out.


Nareed Jun 09, 2011

I can confirm that there are no slots in the arrival area in Terminal 2.

On the way out, you'll find there isn't much of anything in the departure area, either.

Ayecarumba Jun 09, 2011

Glad to hear you both made it safely. Have a great time!

DJTeddyBear Jun 10, 2011

Imperial Palace? I hope you read my review on it. It became the official WOV review:

Check out the free cookies at the poker room!

Posted by Croupier
Jun 08, 2011


At the airport now. !2 hours away from starting our holiday in Vegas. You could say I'm a little excited, but that would be lying. Im a lot excited.

Having my netbook with me will aloow me to keep everyone updated about WoVCon and a couple of other things I have going on.


gambler Jun 08, 2011

Have a safe flight! And have a wonderful trip!

Ayecarumba Jun 08, 2011

Have a great trip Croupier. Are you staying at the MSS?

teddys Jun 08, 2011

Good luck! (Or as the grumpy lady at El Cortez admonished me: "Never tell me good luck." So, Best Wishes!)

You're not staying at the Best Western Mardi Gras this time, are you?

ten2win Jun 09, 2011

You must be in Sin City by now. How was your travel?

Are you gambling, eating or sleeping this morning?

I'll bet your time clock is all messed up.

FleaStiff Jun 09, 2011

Good Variance to you.

DJTeddyBear Jun 09, 2011

How was the flight?

Were you able to avoid the slots in the airport? It always shock me how close they are to the gate. It's like, as soon as you're out of that jetway, maybe another 10 steps and you're at the first slot machine...

Posted by Croupier
Mar 08, 2011

My Staff Poker Report.

This is a report I wrote for work on a staff poker tournament I participated in. Thought some of you might get a kick out of it.

Better Late Than Never
This report comes to you from the G Casino Bolton, home to this leg of the Bi-annual Interclub Grosvenor Family Invitational Staff Holdem Poker Official Northern Daylong Championship Event, or more appropriately the B.I.G.F.I.S.H.P.O.N.D. Championship Event.
The start of this prestigious event was marred by the late arrival of a number of the Salford team. Eventually however, everyone was seated once the cards were in the air. For Gary however, it was a wasted journey as he spent longer in the taxi than at the felt being the third person eliminated from the tournament.
Following not long after was Nathan “Carol” Smillie, who after majorly sucking out on his first called bluff, promised to raise with anything. He was good to his word and railed soon after, generously dealing in exchange for pints of Amstel.
Jenni “Killer” Storr had a quiet night, and managed to be avoid being noticed for any spectacularly bad plays, whilst also avoiding being noticed when eliminated, so you will have to ask her who donked her out.
Paul “Skimms” Simms however was a victim of one of his own Salford team, raising the BB of Craig “The Assassin” Sassenburg with K-Q. Sas called under the guise of protecting his blinds. The flop comes K-5-7 rainbow and Sas bets 5000 into the 1800 pot. Skimms pushes over the top and Sas insta-calls flipping over 5-7. The turn and river are both blanks, leaving Skimms heading for the bar, and the remaining Salford Team to the Final Table.

Salford Dominates Final Table
Salford showed their strength in depth by taking six seats at the final, compared to the two each occupied by players from Blackpool, and the hosts Bolton, as well as having “Killer” Storr putting the cards in the air for the first few levels of the final.
Salford also showed they were playing to win by attacking each other from the get go. Mike “Hilary” Rodden was the early aggressor, taking blinds from Lee “Eight-Ace” Rae, The Assassin, Louie “The Immigrant” and Paul “Hokum” Arnold, as well as providing the first elimination, halving Blackpool’s final table hopefuls, while Craig “Goldenballs” Dempsey was quiet early on.
Louie “The Immigrant” was next to fall, pushing on a raise from a Bolton player, The Bolton player showed 5-3 of spades on a 5-3-7 board, and Louie was left looking for a sit-n-go.
The Assassin was next to walk, after attempting a foolish revenge mission against Mike Rodden. After action folding round to the Assassin, Sas bet out for 2/3rd of his stack. and Rodden pushes.
Sas looked down at the Ace in his hand and called before flipping over his other card to show a three. Mike flipped over A-J of clubs, and “The Assassin” had fallen on his own sword.
A Blackpool player was next out, leaving the final table as a 6 man Bolton vs. Salford Grudge match, and leading to the hand setting up Lee “Eight-Ace” Rae for a late challenge. Lee was in the big blind and a short stack from Bolton in the small blind. Paul “Hokum” Arnold called the BB, and the Bolton player pushed, being called behind by both Salford players. The flop came 3-6-Q of clubs, and “Hokum” deliberated before pushing his stack in. “Eight-Ace” Rae quickly called, showing 8-5 of clubs beating out “Hokum’s” A-Q top pair and the Bolton players nothing.
The final four was reduced to three, with Craig “Goldenballs” Dempsey finishing fourth. I was outside having a cigarette and missed the elimination. Sorry Dempsey.
The three were reduced to two when Lee and the last remaining Boltonian went head to head over two hands. “Eight-Ace” got the better of both exchanges, taking out the former chip leader, and leaving the heads up battle a full Salford affair, and Lee Rae holding at least a 3 to 1 chip advantage. The Salford players being honourable decided to chop the pot, and play one hand face up for the title. Mike “Hilary” Rodden’s J-6 off suit couldn’t stand up to the A-something of “Eight-Ace” Rae, leaving Mike to finish runner up, and Lee “Eight-Ace” Rae to take the title, a bottle of champers, and most importantly a Milky Bar Easter egg to keep the missus happy.
Congratulations to Lee, Mike and all the Salford players for putting on a good show, and to Janet and the G Staff for a great night.
Until next time, may your pots be big and your cards live!


Ayecarumba Mar 08, 2011

That was fun Croupier! I enjoyed it. Do the different casios take turns hosting?

Croupier Mar 09, 2011

Ayecarumba: they do now. I posted a thread to discuss things so I dont miss them.