Posted by Blonde4ever
Mar 27, 2017

Blonde4ever’s “What NOT to do in Vegas” List



RogerKint Mar 27, 2017

Enjoyable read. I'd like to emphasize number 2. Men think they don't have to worry about an unattended drink, wrong!!! Waking up somewhere with your valuables gone is a bad feeling. This kind of thing happens in sin city all the time.

Blonde4ever Mar 29, 2017

Thanks for reading!

HornHighYo11 Apr 08, 2017

Good overview to read a few days before "zero hour" to gather your thoughts towards a successful getaway instead of the "get me the hell out'a here" syndrome. Usually i hear tribal drums a couple of days prior to flight time... Remember to be cool and enjoy yourself, don't sweat the small stuff, BUT maintain "situational awareness".

Room # photo is smart. I take a photo of my car park spot all the time (mall, zoo, airport, casino, whatever).

Yes, foot wear is important. I prefer flip-flops and Crocs (with socks). It might be a fashion-fail but you are correct, nobody cares. Possibly nice shoes and dress for maybe a short night at a $25 craps table in a fancy strip property; a night of strolling around high end shops, feeling rich while bein' poor.

I wouldn't warn anybody off the porn slapper cards. They deserve what they get.

Last couple of trips I managed to get away for a day trip to some national parks. It really added another facet to the whole Vegas experience; not all gambling, lights, and manufactured landscapes. A break in the middle to unwind a different part of your brain. DO get out for a bit but DON'T drive away without a plan; you might end up aimlessly tooling around staring at depressed housing or loooong stretches of unremarkable desert beside the highway. So in a way I am also saying talk to some of those people selling things (except timeshare guys...) just because they are part of Vegas as much as you are part of your home town/city/place of work. After saying "not interested" I managed to get a little no pressure chit-chat about someone else's Vegas experience from the "inside". I guess it come from having to work crappy jobs in the past.

HornHighYo11 Apr 08, 2017

"dress" as in "dress clothes" not "a dress". Just to be clear.