Posted by 25ajm91
Nov 29, 2019

VP Spin vs Triple Play

If you are playing, let's say, 9-6JOB and are dealt 4 to the Royal, on Spin Poker you can only get the Royal in one of the three spots since the remainder of the deck is use for the spin. However, in Triple Play, you are dealt the final card from 3 separate packs of 47 cards, so theoretically you could hit 3 Royals. The same argument could be used if you are dealt trips, etc. Yet all the published material shows the optimum return to be the same for Spin and Triple Play. Shouldn't Spin Poker be downgraded for this reason?


HugoSlavia Nov 30, 2019

Here's how I understand it.

The answer is no, because in Spin Poker, the royal odds improve as additional cards are exposed. The first draw card is 1-in-47, but then if it misses, the next is 1-in-46. And the final draw card is 1-in-45.

So while Triple Play allows for the possibility of 2 or 3 royals, Spin Poker offers slightly better odds of hitting exactly 1.