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Quote: Wizard

Yes, I did mean to post my puzzle here.

19 beats the best I could think of.

Question: can the three 2x2 blocks overlap?

If not, then my solution can be reduced to 18 by removing the mark in the lower right corner and moving the remaining one farthest down in the right column by one row.

I also tried a random search, leaving the top row and left column empty (I randomly ordered the remaining 63 squares and added marks in that order until there were fewer than three 2x2 empty squares, including overlaps), but after around 250 million attempts, the best I got was 20.
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I have long thought that Vegas bookmakers would do a better job predicting the weather than the local weatherman who has no skin in the game.

There is a restaurant near my office we go to for lunch on occasion. Instead of asking each customer's name to identify his order (to be called out when the order is ready), they ask a question that is different every day. A few years ago, we had a customer come by to witness some testing. We took him to the nearby restaurant for lunch, and the question that day was, "What is your dream job?" When it was his turn to order, he declared that his dream job was weatherman.

We all game a him a quizzical look. Weatherman is your dream job? He responded saying, "In what other occupation can you be wrong 50% of the time and still keep your job?!"
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I just Googled the question "what does a 20% chance of rain mean" and found a slew of articles that talk about how this isn't really math as we discuss it in terms of gambling, etc. It has a meaning all its own.

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