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Quote: terapined

The bar at MSS has 99.54 JOB and maybe 10/7 double bonus
The alcove machines don't earn regular points on your players card, you earn less for playing these machines. The bar machines earn you regular points and better drink service. If you want a red bull, MSS is one of the few downtown casinos that will comp it.

I am so pleased to be learning extra tips to help plan my 3rd trip downtown to the MSS.

(1) Yes, the Boarhead's Bar at MSS has 16 machines with 99.54 JOB, and is listed on vpfree2.com. I did not pay attention to it, as I was first playing DDB (spillover from just having played in the DDB VP Tournament at the Cal).

(2) I kept on moving to different machines, but didn't really know what I was looking for. Then I played on a 9/6 DDB to get rewarded with my first ever 4oak, an attendant call for a scratch card, and the delightful $3! (secretly wishing it was the $5,000 card).

(3) No more action after that, so I tried the 10/7 DB, which was advertised with big signs near the parking lot and a "Come here!" sign to the left of the bar stating "100% payback Multi-denom play". I wasn't winning or losing, but I kept on going around each of 16 machines that had 10/7. vpfree2 says it is 100.17% payback, compared to the Boar's Head Bar 9/7, paying 99.11%. I don't have that much experience, but if it was touch and go for an hour of play, on the same $20, that was still worth it.

(4) Exhausted, I took a break at the bar, which was delightfully smoke-free and quiet. Yes, the bar service is excellent! I ordered a black coffee and straight-up Bailey's to help clear my clogged nostrils. I was surprised to enjoy a DOUBLE shot of Bailey's!

(5) So how do you get a comp'd Red Bull? Just ask for it? I'll have to ask or check how points are earned for play at the bar - I didn't see any sign, or missed it if it was displayed when I inserted my BConnected card. Thanks in advance if you know the answer!

Big question: After examining % payback, payout (9/7, 8/5, etc.), how points are earned, etc., how does one determine which is THE machine to play in the long run, using max credits at $0.25 play or $1.25/pull?
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Quote: LostWages

(5) So how do you get a comp'd Red Bull? Just ask for it?

Yup, just ask for it.
Its like any ordinary drink at the bar
They see you playing and ask what you want. order a red bull
They bring the red bull with a receipt and pen in a glass and say good luck
I Ignore the pen and receipt in the glass and tip a buck by that glass
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To be pedantic, I think Main Street serves Sobe Energy drink, but tastes very similar. Unless they changed something, it was player comped the same as a soft drink. (Dec'16)

When we're downtown, we always play Pai Gow at Golden Nugget, they have Tiger Nine which is non-commission but doesn't allow player banking. I think they run two tables at $10 and there's at least one at $25.
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