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I play slots to find my comp'd room. That's about as close as I get.
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Quote: Alan

Wondering if any of you guys play a particular game in the hopes of winning enough(or some) to fund another game that you may like more? For instance, playing blackjack(insert your game here) to fund playing craps(insert your more likeable game here).

Alan, it's not so much that I specifically play BJ to fund my craps, but that's usually how it works out. I've had a trip or two where I played craps too early in the going and lost 30-40% of my trip bankroll, which makes it hard to belly up to any table, so I usually play BJ and VP first to get rated and hope I can get up a few hundred. As long as I am even or better after a night of gambling, I feel a little better stepping to a craps table. I may also be willing to throw a little money into a slot machine or high limit VP machine if I am up after a day or two. In fact, years ago I had a (blurry) 10 hour blackjack session at a $15 table at MGM, finally cashing out (only) $600 up, plus getting 4 comped buffets from the pit boss (side note - this was when I was in school and had no money, so $10 blackjack was about our limit...and we certainly never got comps). I was pumped, so the next night, a buddy and I decided to play the 50-play $1vp machine and were dealt 3oak and drew to something like a $1400 payout. That was a bit of a tangent, but the point is, I feel if I can get up a little from BJ, it opens up my game(s) elsewhere in the casino.
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Quote: teddys

No. What's the point? If you're only playing negative expectation games, one game isn't going to "fund" the other one, no matter how hard you try.

Oh, they are ALL negative expectation games but I guess that on any one night we hope to be lucky at one and use the winnings to press our bets on another game that we prefer.

Roulette is a nice "sit down" after a craps game but its likely to be an expensive one. BJ is a nice sitdown after a craps game too but it requires me to perform higher mathematics at lightning speed so I'm more inclined to switch to MiniBacc or find my companion still pushing that little red button on the slot machine that has the highest house edge in the casino!
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The only times that I play roulette are if I'm way ahead from playing other games. Then I'll play really complicated French bets at around a hundred bucks a spin for three or four spins just for fun. Can really be fun to see the ball settling down somewhere close to the zero when you've got ninety bucks riding on Neighbors of Zero. But, other than a few spins with winnings from other games, I never play roulette. So I guess that kinda counts, although funding those roulette spins was definitely not the idea behind playing the other games that I played.

But, as others have said, I think most people do that sort of thing.

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