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Quote: FleaStiff

I would wonder at the poster's strategy however. Why bring confusion and calculation efforts into this scheme? Er uh.. strategy! Flat bets will sometimes be 5 and sometimes 3 dollars? Odds bets will sometimes be 20x and sometimes be 100x. Is there some added value to this variation? Is there more value to simplicity?

There was added value for me, which is why I created the "strategy" in the first place. (As a side note, I agree the term strategy may be misleading since it does nothing to improve EV, but "system for determining when/how much to bet in different situations" is cumbersome).

I would recommend flat betting and taking max odds for first time or inexperienced players. I developed this strategy to mix things up a bit, make sure I played for a while, but didn't just play until I lost all my money. I don't like setting a dollar win limit, so instead a set a somewhat randomized time limit. I feel it definitely enhanced my fun, and having to keep track of what numbers required big bets added to my focus and the excitement of the game. YMMV.
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