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Quote: Wizard

I did not know this, thank you.

To further complicate things, if you keep a year round residence in NY, even though your main residence is in California, both states want to a tax all of your earnings.
Derek Jeter got raked over the coals on this. A former Michigan resident who built and lived off-season in the largest private house in Florida was considered a full time NY resident who owed millions in back taxes on money earned any and everywhere. Jeter made more off the field than on it, but NY successfully argued that it all stemmed from his NY based job.
In the above example, not only does he pay NY State taxes, but NY City taxes as well.
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Your graph is correct. But only tells a minute part of the story. If I'm on the show and Final Jeopardy is "Kings of England" I'm betting zero or nearly zero no matter what the scores are. If it is "Craps odds" I'm betting it all no matter what the scores are. Let's say, Mr Wiz, that you have $50k, second place $24k...... You aren't taking a bet for $50k that you will be able to get the question on "Craps odds"? For the English Lit librarian Shakespeare might be analogous to craps odds.

Since most contestants wont go on a run like James, maximizing your possible ONE win likely is +EV.

Yes this is what I mentioned too.
Quote: MDawg

Addressing just this one bit of probability data:

Does it matter that James was a bit weak in history questions, had missed a fair amount of history related questions (when considered among the questions that he did miss, I mean) during his reign as Jeopardy champion, and specifically had blown a prior Final Jeopardy question on Shakespeare?

Final Jeopardy:
Don't be afraid of the dark: Shakespeare's Portia says, "How far that little" this "throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world"
Holzhauer's incorrect guess: Sun

Correct Answer: Candle

This is a quote from "The Merchant of Venice," and is meant to be a metaphor for hope in a world of darkness.

i.e. that he knew or should have known that Shakespeare was not his strength, and that his opponent, being a college librarian, would likely have a better shot at getting this answer right.

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WSOP Jeopardy James update.
25 June 2019
James Holzhauer was off to a great start in his first event at the World Series of Poker but was eliminated just short of cashing in the $1,500 Super Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold'em one-day tournament.
Stephen Au-Yeung (Legend of New Table Games®)

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