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Quote: FrGamble

Thanks for introducing me to the poetry of Billy Collins I can't wait to read some more ... I feel like returning the favor in regards to poetry so if you haven't read any Gerard Manley Hopkins you might like him and I think you would very much like some of the short stories of Flannery O'Connor.

I read some of O'Connor's short stories about 40 years ago -- completely forgot it by now. I never read Hopkins. I'm always looking for a good poet. Most of what I read is contemporary.

Lonergan is definitely heady stuff, I don't really feel up to that.

I went to Amazon where there was a review of "Socrates meets Hume" that read, "I was hopeful that Kreeft's writings would be something that I could give to one of my atheist friends to bolster my arguments. Sadly, while I enjoy reading Kreeft, after reading this book I feel like I need to keep searching ..." These books look like good reading, though. I'll pick one up on your recommendation.
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