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Quote: Keyser

The wheel brand/make changes from the zoomed out scene to the scene where the ball is in the pocket.

In some of the close up scenes the ball is spinning in the same direction as the wheel. In other scenes the ball is spinning opposite of the wheel.

The closeup of the ball in the pocket shows a wheel that's not of regulation size.

I thought the same thing when I saw the close up of the ball resting in 25. That is some small ass wheel. Maybe the hollywood types thought the ball in the regulation pocket wasn't "dramatic" enough. Weird.
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Quote: djatc

Don't forget you always win at counting cards. Start with a small stack and end with multiple racks of higher denomination chips, every time. All you have to do is read a card counting book on your drive from LA to Las Vegas.

And you can mouth the count to yourself the whole time, and the casino won't care! (From Zack G.'s counting scene in The Hangover.)
"So drink gamble eat f***, because one day you will be dust." -ontariodealer
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Quote: djatc

All you have to do is read a card counting book on your drive from LA to Las Vegas.

Please don't drive and read (a book)!
winning streaks come and go, losing streak never ends.
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I live 20 mins from resorts world in queens and the first thing i thought was wow that european roulette sign and casino in the background from the parking lot looks FAMILIAR haha

I cannot believe this was filmed there, too funny

I must say this intrigued me

if one can guess when a streak of 4 would come the magic that could happen
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