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You could do something along the lines of "Duel", a two-and-done game show from recent months.

Players were given 10 chips to use on a series of 4-choice multiple answer questions. They could use the chips to cover as many answers as they wished: Cover all 4, guaranteed to be right. You would lose any chips that were on wrong answers, and you would be returned the chip on the right answer. In effect, 9 extra choices could be given in a game.

Let students circle more than one answer on the questions they find toughest. You could tell instruct your class, "Here is a 20 question test. You may circle 30 answers. Any circled past 30 will not be counted."

Yeah, the logistics might be nightmarish... you could denote a location for students to put their extra guesses to keep track of them more easily. Just a brainstorming thought.

In keeping with the game show theme, you could also:
  • Have them answer in the form of a question: "What is a zombie cheerleader?"
  • Have then write "Final Answer" next to every response they give.
  • Have them split the point value of each question between possible choices; set up trap doors for the full effect
  • Have celebrities give humorous answers to each question, and students can agree or disagree
  • If students are unable to answer, they may take a physical challenge

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