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Quote: Mendoza


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Quote: smoothgrh

Thanks for jogging my memory on that. I knew the term, but forgot where it was from. My other favorite light-hitting shortstop is Buddy Biancalana.

Small world - his father was my stockbroker at one point. Last time I saw him was when he was inducted into our high school's athletic hall of fame (along with Pete Carroll and a few other people you've probably never heard of) about ten years ago.
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Bill Bergen, Catcher, 1901-1911

From his Wikipedia article:

"Bergen had 3,228 at-bats in his career, and in that time he compiled a batting average of .170, the all-time record low for players who compiled more than 2,500 plate appearances. . . . Bergen’s career on-base percentage was .194—he is the only player with at least 500 at-bats with an OBP under .200. He had only two home runs. In 1909, Bergen hit .139, the lowest average ever for a player who qualified for the batting title. That season, he set another record for futility by going 46 at-bats in a row without a base hit, the longest streak ever by a position player. "

Apparently he was a great catcher, though.
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Chris Davis set the hitless at bat record this year with I think 57. The difference is he makes 23 million a year lol.
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