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Every year, I would get this horrendous cough that would last from November to February. It felt like a dry cough at first, but sometimes would be coupled with mucous and phlegm. It kept me from sleeping, and sitting in a chair propped up helped, but not completely.

I thought Mucinex would break it up, but no good. I was put on some very strong antibiotics (Levaquin was round one, something stronger was round two, can't think of the name), but that didn't clear it up either.

Turns out it was allergies and asthma. They did testing, found out I was allergic to local trees, and susceptible in the fall. They put me on Advair, a manual inhalant asthma medicine, as well as a prescription nasal spray. After a few days, the cough subsided.

I haven't gotten the cough or symptoms this year, but I am prepared with the Advair. You may want to get tested for allergies, or asthma related to allergies.

Good luck, feel better.
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I have heard from saline rinse users, that they are very happy with the results. They describe it as taking some getting used to (I don't use this regimen myself), but it has been effective in preventing them from getting infected.

Here is a WebMD article that seems to support their experiences: http://www.webmd.com/allergies/sinus-pain-pressure-9/sinus-congestion

Hope you're feeling better soon!
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Quote: mkl654321

What do you mean by "real" pseudoephedrine? (That sounds kind of like an oxymoron--or is there such a thing as pseudopseudoephedrine??)

OTC sudafed was pseudoephedrine. When meth cooks started using it, a lot of states put it behind the counter. So they came out with "Sudafed PE" which is actually a less effective medication called phenylephrine, so they would still have something OTC available.
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Note: I am a doctor, but I am not *your* doctor. This is no substitute for professional medical advice.

The most common causes for coughs lasting greater than 2 weeks are:

1. Allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. Claritin and Zyrtec can help. The saline rinses mentioned above (especially a Neti pot) can be very helpful. They can be used daily and clear out the mucus and physically wash out the pollen and dust. Prescription nasal sprays like Flonase and Nasonex can be very helpful.

2. Bacterial sinusitis: Needs to be diagnosed by a doctor and treated with antibiotics.

3. Asthma: Mentioned above, this has to be treated with prescription inhalers. It's actually a similar problem to allergic rhinitis, but in the lungs. Often people will have this as a kid, grow out of it, forget about, and have it come back in middle age. (Especially if they smoke)

5. Acid reflux: You usually have some symptoms of heartburn, or acid in the throat. But sometimes cough is the only symptom. You can try OTC Zyrtec or Prilosec, if you think this is going on. But if the diagnosis isn't obvious, you should see your doctor.

6. Chronic bronchitis: This is generally only in smokers or people with chronic chemical exposures. Its treatment is similar to asthma, but tends to be more difficult.
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Quote: EvenBob

Ok OK, the .38 was a bad idea. I have a nice small 9mm, fits in the palm of your hand. Happy now? Geez, nobody has a sense of yuma anymore..

I have a sense of humor, a very good one, in fact, and while this may be difficult for you to understand, I still don't think a suggestion to shoot myself in the head is funny.

In the future, if you can't offer any constructive advice, then perhaps you should consider simply keeping your mouth shut.
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The best thing I have tried both in prevention and recovery has been airborne. I know it is controversial but it definitely works for me. As soon as I feel a tickle coming on I take it. I have not had a cold or flu in two years. I never get a flu shot either.
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Quote: mkl654321

I still don't think a suggestion to shoot myself in the head is funny.

Who said head? Be original. I think its pretty funny. "Man shoots himself over sore throat." Sounds funny to me..
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