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October 15th, 2010 at 9:58:36 AM permalink
Quote: odiousgambit

I share some of these concerns, especially that TV will still be bad no matter what. As far as satellite radio, absolutely! no commercials!

Unless your listening to some channels (Stern, NFL news) when you get commercials either read out by the host or in the channel itself. The answer is of course not to listen to Stern and his cronies... but even some of the Sirius channels cross promote themselves far too much. Stern is the worst for it, and anything advertised on Howard100 is probably not worth buying. Mind you, what I was doing listening to Stern and Bubba and rests over paid BS, I don't know. Idiocy?

I've ditched my Sirius anyways, crappy reception half the time out here and they lopped of half the Game Day channels I used to listen to, so the chances of getting Detroit Radio for Lions and Wings game was minimal.

Still, I can see someone putting in the miles getting lots of value out of Sirius.
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My list is small. I already have the hi-def TV and DVR, and my computers are pretty much up to date.

- I-Phone. This gadget is so cool and does so much as a non-business smart phone.
- Playstation 3 with the new motion sensors -- a Wii killer.
- Blue Ray technology -- still not with the times there

And - 5 years down the road - 3D television.

As for GPS, I really think it's a huge distraction (for me) and frankly is dangerous to some drivers so I'm old school on this - print a map, follow the map. GPS takes away the meaning of geography. I always like to know where I am and why I'm there and how I got there. Because of this, I think I have an excellent sense of direction and hardly ever get lost. I don't get people who have no idea where they are without their little GPS gadget. It's a great piece of technology mind you, and I plan to stick one on my daughter's vehicle (when she gets one) so I know where she is and how fast she's going, etc, but it isn't for me.

The last time I got lost, it was in the mountains of California on the way down from Seattle to the Napa valley. I took a wrong turn on I-5 and instead of going back to the freeway as my wife insisted, I just turned left on some road and started heading south until I found myself on the road going to Napa, and it was quite an adventure to boot.
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October 17th, 2010 at 8:29:48 AM permalink
It's true that GPS units can be and are a bad distraction to many drivers. That's why I've trained myself to only listen to the voice instructions, which are quite clear, very precise, and plenty loud.

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