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Quote: TigerWu

Wait a minute... what about all the non-black demographics that lost their factory jobs? Why didn't their subcultures go down the same road?

EDIT: And why are politicians turning a blind eye to black on black crime? Any politician who could solve that problem would be a shoe-in for two term president. You'd think they'd be scrambling over each other to do something about it.

There are an awful lot of people out there that don't give a fig what blacks do to other blacks. In fact, I think its safe to say there are many people who feel the black on black murder rate isn't high enough.
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there is a deeply ingrained culture of glorifying the thug life in rap music, videos and movies. it's not new. it goes way, way back to the glorification of jesse james, billy the kid, bonnie and clyde and john dillinger. it's much more powerful now because of technology and communications. fortunately it's a relatively small % of teens who commit to the thug life. but the numbers of those who do destroy a great no. of lives - their own and others. there is almost no criticism of this glorification of thugs. i guess most people feel it's a lost cause.
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