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Quote: TomG

More information to the voters is better than less information. You may use it as you see fit, including ignoring it completely if you want.

As much as I like Joe Heck, his negative ads against Masto make me like her a lot.

He is apparently following the Trump model of how to lose an election. Just as well--we need to shove the Republicans out of control of the Senate, given what they've done (or rather, haven't done) since they've been in control.
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October 23rd, 2016 at 2:13:32 PM permalink
I met Dr Heck at a VFW event and was very impressed with him. He's a Doctor, and a General in the Reserves.
Went to see him debate Masto and it was as if different person showed up. At the VFW, he spoke in normal cadence and was very at ease. In the debate, he spoke in rapid, clipped sentences, was very evasive and repeatedly denied the the GOP shut the government down.
I was not at all impressed with Masto, who repeatedly tried to pin the "typical Washington insider" label on Heck.
Only reason I'm voting for her is to help the Democrats control the Senate.
I'm even less impressed with the two clowns running for Congress.

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