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Drivers are covered for liability. If you have collision and comprehensive on your car, its generally not good while driving for hire. You have to buy a separate rider to cover that. All State charges about $400 for it. Many drivers choose not to. Two years ago, a dedicated Uber driver could clear $70,000 a year or more. Now $50,000 is very hard, unless you have a new SUV.
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Quote: teddys


Fairly often. Sometimes seven days a week (full-time schedule).

YMMV -- to a *very* large extent. You can improve as you get better at driving. I started at about a $8-$13 hourly, now I get $15/hour or higher. A good week with 50-60 hours can net you $800+. This is a non-coastal market so pay is lower than other places. There are also driver incentive

Very rarely. Maybe I'll get 1.5 cash tips per 8-10 hour shift. Amount can vary from a buck or two to $15-20 for overtippers. Cash tips only.

No, you should not.

You must be new.

You're not netting 800 a week or making 15 an hour. Depends a lot on the kind of car you drive. But factor in gas , brakes, tires, oil changes and the depreciation on the car. Overall, the irs says it costs 52 cents a mile to run your car. Maybe it was 54.

Tips are not included in the fare. Uber lost a big law suit over that. They just want their drivers to make $5 an hour while the scoop up the rest. If people tip their drivers uber can't control their wages, just like dealers or waiters

Learn to make tips or do something else. Vegas is one of the few cities where you can do ok. Kickbacks, tips, etc. If you are driving uber x and getting one tip per day you are making about min wage, or less, depending on your car and city.

I always tipped uber drivers, even before i did it. Someone is driving you from a to b and you pay only a small fare. Never ocurred to me not to tip.

But i like tipping people. I want people who do work for me to make a living wage.

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