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November 12th, 2014 at 4:52:27 PM permalink
Quote: odiousgambit

there's none of the usual concern about close association with gambling? [I havent read the articles]

Since the NHL was part of the group that wanted to keep sports betting out of NJ, I don't see the league allowing bets on the Vegas team (and it is the league commissioner's call, just as it was David Stern's call to prohibit betting on the NBA All-Star Game when it was in Vegas).

Besides - you already can't bet on the NHL at Silverton (I think it has to do with Edward Roski Jr. also owning part of the LA Kings), and that doesn't seem to have caused any major problems.
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Most Canadians would probably love a team in Vegas. Toronto and Vancouver are two of the most expensive places to go to an NHL game. I would certainly plan a trip to Vegas around a Vancouver Canucks game.

To give those that don't follow hockey an idea of how expensive games are in Vancouver. Travel agents put together junkets to LA when the Canucks are playing there which include air, hotel and transfers. They usually play the Kings and the Ducks on the same weekend. It is cheaper to take the junket to LA than it is to pay for 2 home games in Vancouver. Sometimes the junket includes a game in Phoenix or San Jose as well.
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If they put a team in Vegas, I'd go down to see the Redwings play.

I've already done a trip to see the Victoria Salmon Kings play down there (ECHL... now departed, and that game made me stop watching the team after the Victoria Captain disgraced himself).
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Quote: Face

What an odd report. "Vegas might get a team... let's ask a bunch of Maple Leafs what they think!" I don't get it.

The NHL will expand. There's already a bunch of chatter about it. Have you heard it? It equal parts awesome and ludicrous.

Like, they were contemplating putting a second team in Toronto. Wtf is that all about? Talk about a total disaster. For those loyal, it waters down the brand. For the other 98% of the population, you're simply doubling down on mediocrity. It is one of the most asinine ideas I've ever heard.

Hockey in Vegas? It can't be any worse than Phoenix. I think it's sort of an odd fit, but I imagine it could be sustainable. It seems to work for NASCAR, and Vegas International is just a cookie cutter 1.5'er.

But I tell ya, if Vegas gets a team before Quebec, then secession should be they least they are allowed.

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