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I was thinking that the owners of the Washington Redskins should change their name to the Washington Whodehekawe.

I got my inspiration from this F Troop video.

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Quote: FatGeezus

I was thinking that the owners of the Washington Redskins should change their name to the Washington Whodehekawe.

I got my inspiration from this F Troop video.


I didn't even need to watch that video. Its the one joke from F-troop I never forgot. I guess I wasn't the only one impressed with that particular line.
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Somewhere Larry Storch is happy that we are talking about him. As for Forrest Tucker, he was known to have the 2nd largest in Hollywood after Milton Berle.
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I am offended by the candy named Cracker Jacks, they need to change the name to Caramel Jacks.
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Quote: darkoz

Politically correct video of the usage of the N-word.


Imagine the edited version of that
♪♪Now you swear and kick and beg us That you're not a gamblin' man Then you find you're back in Vegas With a handle in your hand♪♪ Your black cards can make you money So you hide them when you're able In the land of casinos and money You must put them on the table♪♪ You go back Jack do it again roulette wheels turinin' 'round and 'round♪♪ You go back Jack do it again♪♪
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I'm sorry I even brought it up...

Let the record show that I didn't bring up the Washington football team when I opened this pandora's box. I simply stated that "Redskins" is an offensive term. Now, I regret comparing it to the N-word. It is true that "redskin" is not on that level, but the fact remains that it is a racial slur. Look it up in any dictionary; it will be marked as "usually offensive," "dated or offensive," or "Slang: Often Disparaging and Offensive." It is a term that was used to marginalize an entire group of people at a time when they were heavily discriminated against. I am not an overly politically correct person, and it is offensive to me. (I'm also as lily white as you can get.*) I would hope that whether you are personally offended by it or not, you would refrain from using it in common conversation, as Sabretom2 did in the post that started this mess.

If it's not offensive to you, fine. No one can tell you what to be offended about. Lots of people aren't offended by the N word either, and it's not socially acceptable.

Now, moving on to the football team. As a libertarian, I absolutely do not believe the government should have any role in forcing or even suggesting that they change the name. I agree that our nation's legislators should have more important things to worry about. Instead I would hope that eventually the societal pressure would become strong enough that Mr. Snyder would realize he is wrong on this one, and give in and change the name. Sadly I don't think that will happen any time soon. The recent trademark decision doesn't really change anything. It will be years before it is either upheld or struck down upon appeal, and even if it is upheld, all it means is other people can use the name and logo for profit. The team will still make plenty of money if they choose to keep the name.

It is true that many Native Americans are not offended by the term, but this doesn't change the fact that it is a historically racist slur. I do have some personal experience with this one as my fiance comes from a family with Native American ancestry. Her dad is well-connected with their tribe and one of his first cousins is the current chief. She and her cousins all have their tribal cards and are permitted to fish and hunt on their tribal lands. I only bring up these details to hopefully lend some credibility to their opinions. Her dad couldn't give a rat's ass what the football team is named (coincidentally he also lives in the DC area). Whereas my fiance finds it horribly offensive and strongly feels they should change it.

*Technically I am descended from a woman of the Crow Nation, my maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother, which would put me at 1/16th native blood, but I only discovered this fact as an adult and don't claim to have any connection to the tribe or any cultural background. It's likely many white, European-descended Americans like myself have just as much native ancestry and don't even know about it.
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