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Quote: s2dbaker

Since I'm guaranteed not to lose and I think the expected win is $1,000,000,000.00/e, I'd have Warren Buffet put up the $ for me and start plucking away.

Unless I misunderstood, it's a one shot deal. Not a multiple pull, and you lose a million every time you fail to grab that white ball. You decide how many balls in the pot, and get a 1 in x chance to win a x million dollars.

I'm surprised the log value is as low a $925 to walk away from a 1/1000 chance to win a billion. At $5,000 I'd probably take then money rather than the ball.
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My price point... the time I would take the 1/1000 chance at a billion over immediate, is about $25000 immediate. Above that payment, I'll definitely take the money. Below that immediate sum, I'll take the 1/1000 for a billion.

Everyone's price point would change, but I'm early in my life and $25k would change it.
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I would take $50,000 cash over a 1/1000 chance at a billion.

However, what I would really try to do is sell percentages of my chance to wealthy investors looking for a home run return. Realistically you could probably sell enough shares to get about $500,000 cash for your 1/1000 chance at a billion.

And if you had a lot of time, you could probably sell 1 million $1 shares -- like a mega-lottery with no house edge!

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