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I had a friend who tried a discount on his hockey insurance for being a professional hockey player. Until an underwriter
found out he played for the Toronto Maple Leafs.
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Quote: rdw4potus

Wow! I'm surprised they have your name & all that. My supermarket has the cards, and they track what I buy, but they don't have any of my personal info - they just handed me a card one day.

For Fred Meyer, the card doesn't actually get you a discount, you just accrue "points" which are then mailed to you as a discount coupon every quarter (very similar to cash back on free play on a player's card). At the current rate, it amounts to 1% off everything. So if you want the 1% discount, you give them your address.
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Sometimes I need to find stuff out about someone. It's just not that hard. Now with Google Street View I can even get a picture of their residence.

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