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Quote: Tomspur

The reason being, the $10's, $20's and $50's cassettes inside the machine is more than likely empty.

Do they ever use $50's in these, seeing as how they are supposedly bad luck?
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One time at Jerry's Nugget, I went to the ATM and withdrew $1,400. It dispensed $1,200 in cash, which I took and walked away.

Someone came up behind me and took the next $200 in 20's. They saw the person on camera taking the money after talking to security and told me "this has happened before."

They allow you to take out up to $3,000, but it only dispenses $1,200 at a time. It takes about 20 seconds for the second $1,200 to come out. LOL.

I had over $3,000 in black chips there, and the dealers were warning me about folks seeing that much money and what they might do. LOL. I love that place.

I think they only have $8,000 in black on that table.

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