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HA, if I were in a drunken stupor, maybe I'd also mistake this giant professional wrestler for a defenseless woman or child.
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Quote: Blonde4ever

Back to the original is interesting/weird, but I have never been panhandled by a woman in Vegas , only men.
I wonder why?

I find it relatively easy to refuse panhandlers unless they are around my son's age.
A young man telling me he is hungry is almost impossible to ignore.
All I can think of is that if it were my son, I would want someone to help him.

I was panhandled by a woman once. On Ogden, walking towards the fabulous El Cortez about 15 years ago.
Other than that women always offer um, "services" rather than straight out panhandling.
The sleaziest encounter I have had by far was when I was walking alone north from the Queen Of Hearts to Fremont about 20 years ago and got approached by 2 relatively innocent looking boys (yes boys) about 12-13 who openly offered to Lewinsky me for $50. One of them actually laughed out loud when he saw what must have been the horrified look on my face. Found out later that the city was housing desperate families in some of the broken down joints in that area.
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Wow.....that must have been disturbing.
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