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Quote: only1choice

I knew eventually the bubble would burst, however I am rooting hard that the results will level off at a percentage that will be profitable.

Only his win streak busted.

I see nothing wrong with a 71% win rate.

add in a few 2 and 3 game parlays and I'm enjoying the ride!
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Hey I'm on your side. I had delusions of grandeur!
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Final from December 24 Northeastern 86 Texas State 78. Loss. If you didn't see this game TSt blew a 20pt first half lead and was down 6 with 10sec left and was called for a technical foul and he hit both free throws to win by 8. Needless to say I was sick, not a good Christmas present.

There haven't been any games since, but we are back tonight.

Stats Prediction North Carolina 70 Rutgers 70. Predicted Line PK
Actual Line North Carolina -7
Play on Rutgers

Stats Prediction Stanford 69 Yale 62. Predicted Line -7
Actual Line Stanford -12.5
Play on Yale
**Last Night this line was 14.5 and has moved considerably down. Sometimes that is a good indicator that good money is coming in on Yale, but it is gambling so they are wrong at times as they were with Texas State last Friday that line moved from 8 down to
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January 2nd, 2011 at 10:34:04 AM permalink
this system went 6-10-1 for me over the last few days (glad I don't bet a lot!). I excluded a few "system games yesterday (SD; Hamp; Bradley) they went 1-2.

If someone else has followed over the last few days and has different teams, let me know...perhaps I am miscalculating...

12/29/10 MISST L
12/29/10 STM
12/30/10 PEP L
12/30/10 MIAFL
12/30/10 LOCHI L
12/30/10 CLEST
12/30/10 TCU W
12/30/10 TLSA
12/30/10 LOULA L
12/30/10 DENV
12/30/10 NH W
12/30/10 VCU
12/30/10 FORD L
12/30/10 SCLAR
12/31/10 OKLST L
12/31/10 GONZ
12/31/10 CHARL W
12/31/10 TENN
12/31/10 EILL P
12/31/10 WMICH
12/31/10 WEBST L
12/31/10 MONT
01/01/11 DEP W
01/01/11 GT
01/01/11 ILLCH L
01/01/11 CLEST
01/01/11 VAL L
01/01/11 BUT
01/01/11 NOTRE L
01/01/11 SYR
01/01/11 ILLST W
01/01/11 SMS
01/01/11 BGRN W
01/01/11 STL
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