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Quote: ThatDonGuy

My second was in Vegas, I think in 2004 - and pretty much the only reason I went to Vegas was because of the Pinball Hall of Fame (next to the movie theater on Tropicana & Pecos back then).

Tim, the owner, lives in that neighborhood.
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Started out pitching pennies at about 5 years old against the curb on our corner. Had to be able and pick up the coins and run in an instant when the older hoods (12 - 14 years old) came around, came around.
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My first gambling was at age 7 betting on Cleveland Browns plays for three cents a play. I would get to bet on whether the plays would be runs or passes. Back then almost every 1st and 2nd down was a run. Yes, it was an advantage play even back then.
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My first experience with what might be viewed as "casino" gambling was in the mid-1950s, when I was about 10 years old. My family was headed for vacation at a Florida beach one summer. This was before interstate highways, and the welcome station where the old highway crossed the GA-FL line had some slot machines. I have no idea what the laws about such things were at that time. Anyway, my mother played a few of the slots and had no objection when I tried some. Don't remember the denomination, but they were likely either 1¢ or 5¢, meaning they used actual pennies or nickels. Don't recall my results.

The first time I played in a "real" casino was on the first cruise ship my wife and I sailed on -- the Monarch Sun, sailing for four nights in late summer 1976 out of Miami to Nassau and Freeport. The entire casino staff was Korean and had apparently trained at a school in Korea. I later encountered two of those dealers working on another cruise ship. I played blackjack for what I now recall as $2 a hand. I kept a $1 chip as a souvenir of the cruise, and that was the first chip for what later became my chip collection. I posted it on this forum in the Casino Chip of the Day thread. (I haven't checked to see how well my current memories match with whatever tale I told in that post.)

My first visit to Las Vegas was in March 2003. I was on a project team working on some tasks for the U.S. Marine Corps at a number of facilities in the Southwest. We spent a week at the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Barstow, CA followed by a week at the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, AZ. Nobody on the team wanted to spend the weekend at either of those locations, so we spent Friday and Saturday nights at the Tropicana Las Vegas. I think that may have included my first experience with a real craps game.
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My uncle was a cop in New Jersey; he was a bit "bent."

He wound up setting up in his finished basement a nickel slot machine which had been seized in a raid.

While the adults yakked and drank it up at his finished bar, I plugged lots of paper route money into the one armed bandit.

I liked it.

A lot.
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I suppose first gambling ever was playing card games for quarters with family.

First official casino gambling was about a week after I turned 21. I had been to a casino dozens of times with parents but couldnít gamble. At 21, I had 2 college friends with birthdays within a week or two of mine. One of those friends was from NJ. His bday was last of the 3 of us. On the day of his birthday, his dad got us a room at Ballys AC. We drove up from college for the night. His dad met us there and gave us each $100. I canít remember if his dad had a separate room or drove back home to stay at his place. In either case, one friend camped out at the nickle slots playing 1 coin in and got blasted on drinks. Me and my other friend went between poker and Blackjack for the night. I think we both lost like $200 and my friend at the nickle machine lost something like $2. Next day we drove back to college. It was a fun and memorable trip.
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Quote: AlanMendelson

I went to a casino in St Maarten during our honeymoon. It was my first time gambling and my first AP play but I didnt realize it was an AP play till recently.

The year was 1976.

At the casino I played $2 blackjack. When I won the dealer paid me with a $1 chip on top of a $5 chip. She expected big tips. But that isnt the AP play.

My wife and I were talking to another couple while standing by a row of 25-cent slot machines. Out of boredom I turned to the machine I was standing next to and I put in a quarter and pulled the handle. There was only a handle -- no buttons. Its 1976 remember.

The three reels started to spin... slowly... and they didnt stop for about half a minute. And when the reels stopped there was a cherry. Out came two quarters.

I put in another quarter... and after thirty seconds another cherry.

The four of us spent the next ten minutes taking turns winning 25-cents at a time.

Then a suit came along and disabled the machine.

I learned a lot that night. LOL

What was the issue that made this an advantage? Being exposed to such things early on and even later knowing there are good AP opportunities what made you decided to chase -EV games?
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I first gambled at age 23 at Delaware Park casino, where they have the sweatiest and least friendly table game staff.

I immediately posted about it here asking why -

After that, I became really interested in AP and started doing all the reading and research I could on the topic. A few very nice posters here sent me some good info via PM here.

After that, I started going to AC quite often doing some extremely light AP. My goal was to get as much free rooms/food possible and break even gambling.

The past few years, even though I now have family with a vacation home in AC and I am there all the time, I hardly ever go to the casino.

I think a lot about doing more serious AP, but I really struggle to find it appealing. Itís just work, and often boring and repetitive work at the end of the day.
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Until I fill out some gambling paperwork, I've never gambled.

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