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Already have that covered. Wallet stays in pocket. Singles go in a different pocket for easy access.
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Quote: FleaStiff

In Vegas you will be tipping chips and will be taking care to not be taking your wallet out of your pocket too many times in crowded areas.

I have a money clip of singles and fives just for tipping and incidentals.
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Do yourself a favor and do what others on this thread have suggested and do your drinking at a high-end casino. I recommend Wynn. Second choice, Venelazzo. Some people also like Bellagio. You can get an absolutely fantastic drink for the same price ($1) as you would anywhere else. Plus you will feel rich and pampered (or at least I do.) Can't miss experience in my opinion.
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Just to throw in my two cents. If you decide to do some sports betting Harrah's will NOT comp you a drink (they'll give you a voucher for one free drink) and I'm not sure about the whole of MGM but I know for a fact the Bellagio will comp you free drinks. Have a good time and make sure to hit up at least one seafood buffet.
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I've had good success tipping $2 bills. We happened to take some one trip and were very lucky. It has become one of our traditions. The waitress almost always does a double take and them smiles when she realizes it is not play money. They seem to remember us better and provide quicker turnaraound. I am almost always with someone, so I am still only tipping $1 per drink.
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I play bartops all over Las Vegas, and the only place I've ever seen that doesn't comp drinks are at Wynn/Encore. The general rule of thumb is to put a 20 in the machine and play 5 credits. Doesn't matter what denomination, some even have nickels.
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Quote: thecesspit

so I wouldn't expect a good Old-Fashioned, Lynchburg Lemonade or the like.

I always order at least one old-fashioned wherever I am. When it's good, it's good. But mostly it's comical to see what kinds of crazy stuff the bartenders will put in there.
The closest I have had to a real one was in the MGM Grand, and the waitress actually apologized to me for not having lemon zest.

I actually saw the bartender make it at Fitzgerald's. Ice, whiskey, cherry, bitters, bitters, bitters. He looked at it, and put in about 7 more shakes of bitters, like he was putting ketchup on fries. It was undrinkable, of course. But amusing stuff like that is the main reason to gamble downtown.

Stick to simple drinks, although they are often very weak in cheap joints. If you want to actually know what you are getting, in a pre-determined quantity, order beer.
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Quote: dudestupid

If you want to actually know what you are getting, in a pre-determined quantity, order beer.

...Except you could be expecting Heinekin and getting Schlitz.
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Quote: dudestupid

Stick to simple drinks, although they are often very weak in cheap joints.

I thought that the opposite was supposed to be true, that the drunker a player got the more likely he would be to make errors playing, as well as bet more. If I owned the casino I would make the drinks as strong as possible.
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FWIW I learned not to drink while gambling. However, at the Excalibur last May I asked for a black russian (Khalua coffee liquor and vodka) and it was very good, served in a regular-sized glass. In fact at first taste it seemed a bit too strong on the russian, but as the ice melted a little it reached a nice balanced taste.
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