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Quote: billryan

I suspect it is a number of things. No drinks and no smoking are part of the reason, but not the reason. It's a stretch but maybe their workers and clients' health factors into it.

Borgata being run by MGM

Which has touted it's 7 point safety plan for employees and patrons since April.

Which is using that 7 point plan in their Vegas casinos.

I find it difficult to believe Borgata isn't considered safe enough with that same 7 point plan.

Borgata was going to follow that 7 point plan and reopen on July 6th as announced

Day after the no smoking drinking or eating order they decided to remain closed

Looks like no smoking drinking or eating is the reason
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Quote: darkoz

Sounds like they are saying screw safety if we can't make as much money by allowing smoking then we aren't opening

I suspect the drinking is a bigger issue than the smoking.
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