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Definitely see what you're saying about Overton. Good vibes, but now it does seem like that is for the reasons you say. Been to Pahrump a few times. A long commute to Las Vegas, but I do know some people do it for work every day. Pahrump / Laughlin / Mesquite have enough casinos and population for me to consider them their own communities. Didn't think about Dolan Springs, because it's on the AZ side. but now that you mention it, will probably be my next trip.
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Quote: billryan

Have you checked out Parumph? The road to Vegas is gradually being widened. The east side of town is not a bad commute from Vegas.
I liked Overton but was told it is a very tight-knit religious community that wasn't particularly friendly to outsiders. Same thing with Dolan Springs.

In the early nineties I swear Pahrump was a dump. It looked like it was one big spread out trailer park to me, but perhaps I miss something at the time, to be fair, I didn't go there to enjoy the surroundings. Fast forward to nowadays, they seem to have some really nice homes and a great Community. Even a wine vineyard.

But If I want to make my home somewhere, it certainly wouldn't be in the Nevada desert. Oh wait, I already did that😒
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Quote: beachbumbabs

Here's something stupid to do during these times. Lift your dying 65lb dog into the car to take him to the vet so he can go in peace. Let your addled mom be less than no help, and hurt your back trying not to hurt the dog when the lift in goes bad. Let her have hysterics and stay in the car when you get there, and take the dog in by yourself and say goodbye.

Then let the twisted back turn into a trapped nerve that gets worse every day and now wakes you up every time you move in your sleep, screaming in pain, and walking crippled. Do this while hospitals and urgent cares are discouraging anyone from coming in for less than life-threatening issues, and chiropractors are not supposed to be working. No home helpers available right now for cooking or cleaning due to isolation and growing infections locally.

Talk about stupid timing.

I am very sorry about your loss - I know you loved your dog. The rest of it is insult to injury. Back injuries are a bitch - I hope you're feeling better soon.
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