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Quote: Rigondeaux

Makes sense.

The NFL has been pretty fair about requiring evidence even when it sounds bad, like with Shady. So I was surprised that the Pats would drop him over old allegations that sounded pretty iffy.

And sure enough that's not what happened

One of my sports betting podcasts said how the NFL will have to keep resisting the urge to rush to judgment now. Think about it, just find someone to accuse a key player. If they rushed and suspended too fast that could affect a game.
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I read he was told not to contact his accusers. Then he did, and in a way that reasonably could be seen as intimidating. I think that was more of a catalyst for his separation than the accusations themselves. The consequence was swift and justified. The Patriot’s demand players subordinate to the team effort, focus on the business of football, and not feed a media circus. AB tried but just couldn’t fit into that profile.
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So much for "AB's going to turn into an angel the second he signs with the Pats"

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