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Quote: SM777

How much are you planning to charge for picks?

I actually haven't "charged for picks" in many, many years. I've been doing this professionally since 1979. For the last 11-12 years, I've been working with a handful of people on a percent-of-profit basis. It's a private thing, I handle the money, and I don't take on any more people. There's only one guy I've known less than 10 years.

Part of the reason for this kind of approach is that the sport in which I specialize (college football) has enormously fluid lines these days, so just assigning a side is a little bit prehistoric. When you bet is almost as important as who you bet (in college football). The same applies to college basketball, but I don't really bet college hoops except for futures. So people have to trust me to try to get the optimal lines as well as the proper teams. And we shoot for a fair number of middles. The only exception to this is I will offer, for a few people who have followed me in The Wise Guys Contest, to plug them into the same reportage emails as my people get. This is a pain in the ass for the outsiders, as they are not going to get the range of lines I get, or the futures odds, so they are at a disadvantage there. Plus I often don't release the email reporting until within a couple of minutes of kickoff, and they have to scramble to get the plays in anyway. It's likely I won't enter The Wise Guys this year, so I probably won't even offer this.

In summary, no "picks being sold." But if you need a man-whore for a bachelor party...I'll contact Axelwolf.
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