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Quote: TomG

This illustrates almost all of the political disagreement that exists in the country now. The belief that certain people do not deserve any opportunity to contribute simply because of whatever situation they were born into.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...

Your circumstances should not deny you any of those rights.
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Really, it's not right to blame the homeless on the street. You want to blame someone go bitchslap the person giving them the dollar.
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Quote: darkoz

BillRyans question was aimed at Maxpen lol

I can read.
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How about some empathy for the guy doing the work ?
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I learned many low-budget AP slots from homeless hustlers.
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Quote: petroglyph

How about some empathy for the guy doing the work ?

Thats exactly what they would be doing.

Wow, that guy has to stand all day carrying a sign in the heat. We dont like it so he must feel terrible. What a sucker for doing it for minimum wage while we make as much as we can.

Empathy while looking down at his stupidity

BTW, there is MORE likelihood that the sign twirler is receiving government benefits than the homeless are. At minimum wage he most likely qualifies for added assistance. It is an incorrect assumption of the right that receiving public assistance means you sit home all day watching telly. Many people work and receive benefits prorated to their income because they still live under the poverty line because our federal minimum wage has not caught up with inflation.

Meanwhile the homeless have no bills besides food for the most part and quite possibly no domicile address which is required and are NOT the ones receiving benefits (hence why they are begging for donations)
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The homeless are often suffering from a variety of mental illnesses. Not all, of course, but some claim it is a majority of the homeless.

As far as getting a job, it must be VERY difficult. I am betting my lawn service company requires an applicant to put down an address, and I'd also bet that 'homeless' is a disqualifier.

Perhaps I am naive on this subject, but I thought that if you presented yourself to your local authority, New York City as an example, and stated you were homeless and jobless and broke, that you would qualify for public assistance which includes money for food and housing? Not lobster and the Ritz-Carlton, but enough to not starve or freeze?
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Quote: MaxPen

I spent quite a bit of time talking to homeless people when I lived downtown. There was a couple who lived on a bus bench across the street from my building that I would talk to atleast once every other day for extended periods of time.

Talk about what? (sorry if this already asked and answered)
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The title of the thread has me trying to figure out if this is about Burning Man.

Seems like some are willing to pay big bucks to act homeless for a week in the desert and then go back to their real life.
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Quote: darkoz


I suspect the beggars were looking down on the twirler.

He spends the same time they do in the damn heat for probably minimum wage while the beggars make as much as is handed to them - skies the limit.

Those guys were getting a couple bucks over MW when I lived in AZ. Usually it is a weekend side hustle. Saw one thing on it on TV or something and they got a $0.50 bump each time they learned a new "trick" like twirling it. Still shows you live in a great country when you can get paid for that.


As for walking down the block to get a job its never so easy as "help wanted sign" walk in, "ah first person arrived you got the job. Experience none, clothes 6 months soiled, home address the divider at the highway entrance-of course you are hired. I needed someone so bad who cares who I hire"

In AZ the homeless pissed me off. Economy was booming 2005 to late 2007, even then unemployment was low until the crash. If you wanted to work, you could work. Yet bums all over the place. One looked to be an illegal stood outside Burger King near daily begging for money. Asked me for $1 once, I told him, "all I have is $100s."

Clint Eastwood talked about the Great Depression on some interview once, Barbara Walters maybe. He said how different it was then. Said they had to ask for food, but that you offered labor first. I remember the example that he said he would offer to sweep someone's driveway for a sandwich. This bum outside BK could have offered to sweep out the lot, or anything else. But he was there all the time. I know it was for months because I had lunch there weekly.

At some other place I am eating and minding my own business and some guy asks me to buy him a drink like I had. I never went back to that place again. Is it just me or is this kind of begging more common west of the Rockies?
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