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Quote: klimate10

This thread reminds me of a former friend. He and I who used to go to this Indian casino, and annually, he would have a loss report of around $90,000. All he played was slots.

Every year, the host would offer him $2500 in free play to come pick up his W-2 in person, and he would go and lose about $10,000 more.

The guy earned about $500,000 every year gross, about $350,000 after taxes, so to lose about 1/4 of your take home pay to gambling is a bit harsh. But he had the discipline to not lose his entire salary. HIs kids always had the necessities and he had nice cars and a nice house.

Eventually, he lost his job and disappeared. Iíve not seen or heard from him in 10 years.

He made $500,000 a YEAR? O.O I only make about $12,000 a year! I'd have to work almost 42 years to make what he made in one year! O.O What kind of job did he have that paid him so lucratively? :/
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Good grief.

Lots of people make good money, it isn't rare at all.

If a man wants to blow one-quarter of his net yearly income on slots, I say "Why not?"

So long as he pays his bills, it's "no harm, no foul."

Oh sure, the money lost could have been invested, but in the end it's all a personal choice as to how we choose to blow our money; we sure as hell can't take it with us.

Gambling can be expensive, but so are many other hobbies / pass-times, e.g. travel, hunting (hello, safari in Africa), fishing (hello, new fully-equipped bass boat).

I'm down $48K lifetime, and am neither particularly alarmed nor more than mildly concerned: I can afford it, it's fun, nobody is getting hurt.

Vice ain't cheap.
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