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Quote: DeMango

Fly to NOLA. Drive to Biloxi. You are so welcome.

Unless you have to go to the Cherokee Casino for some reason, this is the best suggestion I have heard yet. I found the Cherokee casinos (both of them) to be durn cold on my recent trip there, as might be expected when one has a monopoly. Next time I go to visit my Asheville friends, I will probably skip the casinos. Period.

Driving from NOLA, you could stop at the Silver Slipper Casino (winner of best food awards and a fun casino) or the Bay St. Louis Hollywood Casino (also nice IMHO). And, the scenic drive (Hwy 90) along the coast to Gulfport (Island View Casino) and Biloxi (lotsa casinos) is really nice. AND, the casinos have lotsa competition for your play, and it shows in the offers and games.

But, I confess to prejudice, as Biloxi is my favorite gambling go-to. I'm mostly a bottom feeder, but the Biloxi-area casinos treat me very well.
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Quote: 100xOdds

Why the hate for Harrahs Cherokee?

Lets break it down
1) Harrahs
2) Indian casino
3) No competition

3 strikes
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