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Quote: whodat

I thought Alan was banned on this site?

He self suspended himself. He can come back when ever he wants.
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Thanks, I stand corrected. I am also on other sites that he is on so that's why I knew about this site.
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Interesting. Not sure why I'm not listed in the credits, but then again, neither are about 5 other people that worked on the show and appeared in multiple episodes.
Michael Zurich, Derek Delgaudio, John Lovick and Rob Fair all had speaking roles in one or more episodes that made the final cut. All of them should be in the credits but none of them are. Strange.

I wasn't an "actor" like several of the others listed in the cast - I was actually still active-duty Air Force while we shot those episodes. I wonder if I didn't join some television union that I was supposed to join? I also appeared in the feature film Shade with Sylvester Stallone, Gabriel Byrne, and Stuart Townsend. I was definitely credited in that one (in more than one place in the credits). Had a brief speaking role in it and could've gotten my SAG card out of it, but again I'm not an actor so I never bothered to apply.

Making The Takedown was fun. Got to "feel" like a bad guy for a few days without any of the actual risk or moral issues.


PS: I can't seem to post a link to the site, but has a page on The Takedown with a list of cast that includes me and several other of the names I listed above that worked in multiple episodes.
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I would have liked to see those shows. Too bad they [apparently] aren't trying to sell DVDs.
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