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November 23rd, 2015 at 2:43:08 PM permalink
I'll have to check out NSUD. Is it 100 coins for max royal on Game Kings?

The Dotty's fight involves Golden Gaming which I always found to be hypocritical. PT's is no less a slot parlor than Dotty's. The Dotty's on Sahara in question was 91% slot revenue, 8% tobacco and 1% food/bev.

I doubt a PT's is any lower than 80% gaming. People don't go there to eat. Those that go there to drink spend maybe $10-$15 per person. People that gamble lose $100. There are far more gamblers than drinkers at most PT's.

You have to be a serious restaurant to have gaming incidental. BWW and Fridays come to mind.
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November 24th, 2015 at 2:52:46 AM permalink
Quote: Boz

Care to expand?

I was only in one in Sparks a few years back and was shocked something like this existed. The smoke was so thick and the decorations were from the 70's. Didn't play at all and if they are all like this, I guess I know your answer. But someone must like them.

That's like saying, there's a lot of Seven Elevens, someone must like them. It's just convenient for people to get their daily fix or whatever the case is. It's usually quick easy parking and there's always one just down the street.

For the record I do know dotty's offers some good VP and there's even some advantages there.

They do have free snacks and cheap smokes. The "free Drinks" are easy to get. Just dress well(at least just don't look homeless) sit down and just look like you're going to play. I think they now offer food but I haven't seen anyone eating it.

On the business side It's probably a gold mine. It takes one employee to run a shift. Obviously there's management and others somewhere.

Socially and economically I think Dotty's is bad. I believe they have helped kill many local independent bars.
Call them the McDonald's or Walmart of gambling dressed up as something "fancy".

They don't create competition, they just crush it. The Boz's here in Las Vegas have very little chance of opening a successful bar nowadays.

Bars that have been open since the 90's are shutting down and being replaced by Dotty's and other copycats.
Is Dotty's to blame? I really don't know, but they certainly are not helping.

Some bars have fantastic food here in Vegas(its not always the normal bar food you would expect). They also have cool events, bands, games, promotions, sports etc etc. Dotty's has nothing special.

Somehow they attract middle age women. It's probably because the stigma of going to a bar or casino. Dotty's seems neither like a bar or casino. Its more like the Country Kitchen. Listen to how it sounds. Family member says, "Betty what did you do today?" Betty says, "Oh I just went to Dotty's." How innocent sounding is that?

From an AP standpoint someone might say they have some good machines. Unfortunately almost all locations are Identical including the same mundane promotions that they have had for years. If you seen one, you seen them all.

Personally I want own them or get rid of them.
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