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Terrible reporting. How about some numbers as evidence?
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Quote: Wizard

Terrible reporting. How about some numbers as evidence?

They used numbers. The story is about the Pick 4
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Pick 4?

Isn't the pick 4 usually parimutuel for just this reason?
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Quote: JohnnyQ

Those are outrageous figures for the "house edge". And the reporter didn't think it was worth reporting those ? Her editor and whatever journalism school she attended should be ashamed of themselves.

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Quote: tringlomane

This had to be BS, or they seriously screwed up the payout.

Quote: article

“Our Pick 4 is killing us,” Martino said at a Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission on Thursday. “The percentage of payout is astronomical. ... We’ll pay out sometimes several hundred percent of what we take in.”

It's conceivable that a higher than proportional number of players are betting winning numbers.

No pity for any operator of a game with a 50% edge who loses.

Sure, some days they'll payout 3 or 4 times what they take in... and many other days they'll take in much more than they pay out.
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