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Quote: ahiromu

Is this game still around at $25? Wizard's survey says it is, but I just can't believe CET would offer such a game/min. S17, RSA, DAS, Surrender 6 deck shoe game.

I can confirm I recently saw it at $25. There was another game at $100 min, but I don't remember if it was a second 6D S17 game or a DD game. I also explored the new High Limit room at Harrah's (which is actually a room, not just a pit) and they had a 6D S17 game but at $100 min. Also a DD H17 game at $100 min.
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We used to pop into Bally's (if you are talking Vegas) often. The baccarat tables were down on the right side (south Side) of the floor as you were walking towards the rear of the property, if you entered from the southwest corner, strip side anyways. I remember having a couple of Macau style/midi table there, I think $50.00 min?? but this was 2013 and prior.

As far as Bally's in AC they had the high limit with the one big baccarat table and then the Asian Room with numerous Midi/Macau style tables. Always had fun there, used to have a lot of players there also.
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