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Quote: Pando

Actually no. Its rare that they say anything like that, usually the tables are too busy for idle chat, but last week it wasnt

Fair enough. I'm sure the topic has been discussed before, but I don't remember much.

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I get asked a lot about whether I believe dealers can influence the spin to a certain area of the wheel. My answer is an emphatic "no." Maybe on wheels decades old, but not the modern wheels with obstacles between the rim and the numbers, and where the ball bounces all over the place before it lands in a number.

Possibly your casino has older-style wheels that are potentially more vulnerable to steering.
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Quote: Pando

At my local casino on Saturday last, the dealer spun a 14, and then said to the players (only 3 of us) that 31 would be a good
bet next time. He spun 31 (on a single zero wheel).

On other occasions I have heard the dealer say something like "you guys should be betting the bottom of the wheel"
(usually when the dealer has hit the same zone 10 times in a row). The ball stayed exactly in the same area again.

31 is a "neighbor" of 14 (or close enough) that, if a dealer has control over the weight of the wheel and the velocity of his spin AND his release point is the same as the spin before, that it could conceivably fall into the same quadrant. The fact that he nominated 31 was pretty inconsequential as I have done that numerous times and gotten lucky. It is kind of the same as sitting on first base on blackjack and before the dealer exposes his hole card you say "5"!!! and low and is a 5!!

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