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Quote: gpac1377

This is my post #666, so I figure it belongs in the Evil Empire thread...

Nomination for "bet tie in post of all time".
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Quote: gpac1377

I can't mention Guy Fieri without linking to the famous review by Pete Wells. The New York Times restaurant critic was so ... startled by the dining experience that he composed his review entirely of questions:


And I'll nominate this review in the "Best Skewer of a Restaurant" Category.
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For low level players who will need hotel rooms, Caesar's is extremely generous with room offers. The comps they give to table game players are quite low. The VP players bemoan bad paytables, and the BJ players bemoan bad rules. To me the free rooms outweigh the other issues, as I play pai gow poker, and pai gow tiles mostly. I can usually stay for free at the Rio, and will for 3 days during the WoV convention (get together) in April.

Just be sure that you don't over value the free rooms when you weigh them against the extra expected loss, especially if you are a video poker or black jack player. The rooms they offer can usually be booked mid week at remarkably low rates if you are paying your own way.
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Got a cheap room at Harrahs.
It was one of the cheapest i could find on the strip.
I like CET because through my credit card rewards, i get platinum and eat for free
Checked in and instead of trying the 20 dollar trick, they offered an upgrade for 20 right away.
I took and am pretty happy.
I am actually impressed with my room. Recently renovated. I am quite pleased.
If you decline housekeeping, which i always do anyway. 10.00 food credit
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