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Quote: AZDuffman

You are probably right. Just like any salesman will tell you another salesman is the easiest mark out there.

I'll also agree with the "stereotypical white male" being the best tippers. Assuming it all goes well at dealer school I'll get back in this in say October if I remember.

we used to have an organ in our house collecting dust. many years later when i asked him where and why he got the organ, he tells me how he went to sell this guy an insurance policy. he doesnt end up selling the guy a policy but ends up coming back with an organ and didnt even know how to play it. he said, "well i guess he was the better salesman."

another interesting story he told me was how he went to sell a policy to this deeply religious man. the man said to him that he didnt think he needed the policy because god would provide for him and his family. my dad responds, "well how do you know god didnt send me here?" a few days later, the man calls him back after considering what he said and decides to buy the policy.

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